Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Brüder Gerekos /// Vsya Evropa

In the same issue there was also an article about Andreas and Markus Gerekos.
The two run a store for furry accessoires on the Ku'damm.
The cheapest coat had a price tag that ran a bit lower that a spinout Hasselblad kit, so I decided to keep shooting on Canon and wearing what every keeps me warm.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele /// Vsya EVROPA

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

The shoot with Karl was a real rush.
Surrounded by fast (and tremendously expensive) cars Steffi my assistant and I had about 45min to check the scene and set up the lights (and get the dog off the sofa).
After getting stuck in a traffic jam Mr. Scheufeles tight schedule only left us 20min to get the shots.
We were fortunate enough to be able to use a 1920 Horch in our setting.
Mr. Larkamp from E. Thiesen Berlin advised me to think twice about even breathing near the €8million car.

The obligatory was done pretty quick and so we moved on to the jaguar workshop for some freestyle pics using only daylight.
It was very nice to see how Mr. Scheufel, being a passionate oldtimer collector, totally got sucked up by the atmosphere.

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010

Georg Levin /// Presspics

Georg Levin
Georg Levin
Georg Levin
Right after I got back from my winter holidays Georg gave me a call and asked to do some more press pics for his album release end on march.
Since I've already shot him in most ways I can imagine, I wound up with the idea of giving my hardly used EOS 33 a try and using up some of the slides that still occupy my fridge.
Of course I couldn't resist shooting digital as well.
I unexpectedly felt really comfortable not having a direct visual feedback on what I'm doing but often caught myself checking the screen that just didn't exist.
This actually gave the session a certain laidback feeling I personally enjoyed.

The main thing I disliked about working on film was the time issue.
I did the preview scans myself and only had scanned what I thought was worth it.
Meaning I had to wait a day before finally being able to work on the pictures,
not to mention having to pay for the scans.

Stop by the LIDO in Berlin on the 20th of March to see Georg and his band play live and watch out for Georg's Album hitting the stores on th 29th of March.

Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

Alexander Dimitrenko - Presspics

Last year went down in the best possible way: with lots of great work.

I was fortunate enough to convince Victor, head of the Hamburg-based agency Communicators, that I'm the right man for the job and therefore got ahold of the wonderful opportunity to take picture of a man whome I deeply admire for his achievements and determination concerning his sport.
Now that I had the chance to meet him in person I'm only left to say he doesn't stand anything short in terms of being a very pleasant and obliging human being.

Thanks to the great understanding with Victor, the loving care with which Alexander's girlfriend Vanja supplied me with something to eat and drink (yes, I actually forget these things)not to mention Lena ( was in charge of styling and Sven who somehow managed to translate my mumbling into real world lighting we had a very fun time together.
Hope to see you guys again soon!

More pics will follow as soon as they get published.

If you stop by to see my portfolio or invite me over to present it you can speed things up :-)