Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

Timati /// Vsya Evropa

Russia's #1 Rapstar

Talking about being professional...20 printable shots out of a 45min session.

Timati left Moscow and moved to LA at the age of 13 to proceed a career in the music biz. The list of collados on his recent ablum looks like the who is who in hiphop music.

timati, mark mattingly
timati, mark mattinglyid=


timati, mark mattingly

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

Ralf Möller /// Vsya EVROPA

Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa
Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa
Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa
Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa
Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa
Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa
Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa
Ralf Möller, Vsya Evropa

When Natalja called to tell me, Ralf Möller was in town
and we'de meet with him in the Hotel de Rôme for an
interview and some photos I couldn't hide my grin.

Everyone I told spoke to about the shoot was very interested
to find out if he's as sympathetic as people say.
And well...yes he is.
Can't remember having laughed that much during an interview.

See for yourself.

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010


From rock to rap...

I've been a big Savas fan for several years now and for those of you who might not know Mel, she has produced lots of beats for him during this time.
Some of his best tracks were made in colaboration with Mel, in my opinion.

Getting to know Mel was a treat. She's a very lively person and a great storyteller.

Hope to see you soon.

H&M: Carina Wittmann

Dienstag, 2. März 2010

Hot Hot Heat /// Jägermeister Rockliga

Hot Hot Heat, Jägermeister Rockliga, mark mattingly, sleaze
Hot Hot Heat, Jägermeister Rockliga, mark mattingly, sleaze
Hot Hot Heat, Jägermeister Rockliga, mark mattingly, sleaze
Hot Hot Heat, Jägermeister Rockliga, mark mattingly, sleaze
Hot Hot Heat, Jägermeister Rockliga, mark mattingly, sleaze

A couple of days ago I drove down to Dresden to spend the day with the Canadian Indieband Hot Hot Heat.

During my research I noticed that I simply missed out on about everything that happened in the indie scene for the past few years. Bloc Party may have been an exception, but even then friends started rolling their eyes when I told them about the awesome band I'd discovered ...mainly because they'd obviously been around for a while and only people who'd lived in a bombshelter since '88 may have not noticed.

My bad...

My memory for names is terrible, but luckily I realised this early enough in my life
and usually let everyone know right from the start.
Parker was quickly named Walker(Texas Ranger) and Hot Hot Heat became The Hair-Doos.
I somehow managed to get all the other names right.

Somewhere halfway though the day my assistant fell off a chair and bumped her head unpleasantly hard so we had to skip the concert and head back to Berlin a bit earlier.

We spent the 2 hour ride home musically trading in skinny jeans for baggypants, spinning early KKS stuff and joining in every once in a while. Great way to let the last hours of a day fade away.

Thanks go out to Janina from Jägermeister, Katrin of s-plus-s, Steve, Paul, Parker and Luke of Hot Hot Heat and Jule from Sleaze Mag for the great time and the assistance.

Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

Kalle /// Berlin Board Action

A couple of days ago I discovered the urge to at least jam up Red Bulls picture server with my first clumsy steps in sportsphotography.

If you have something like this in mind you have to be very consistent in your steps.

1) You shouldn't bother with a pro, just take the most insane buddy of yours.
2) Never go anywhere people would expect the type of sport to be practiced.
3) Have no real idea of what you're doing so choose the most insane but also physically fit buddy of yours. He will have to do a lot of walking, flying and hard landing.

Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Ali B. /// Flatlandsession

I met Ali about two years ago. His friend Chris Böhm was in town for a show and their photographer couldn't make it. We'd been in contact at that time because Ali was working on some super sweet bicycle components and wanted me to do some 3D-CAD drawings for him. This might seem confusing but I actually spent my early twenties studying civil engineering...differtent story...

By that time I'd never taken pictures of anything moving or to be more precise I'd told everybody I was taking pics of to stand still, do this, look that way...etc.
Now I wound up in a mix of laying on the floor or running after the blond version of the Tazmanian Devil from Bitterfeld, being in constant worry about my borrowed wideangle lens.

The end of the story was that everybody was happy with the pictures but no matter how often I tried to get in touch with the photographer or the magazine there was no response.
A friend had an interessting theory about this.
He suggested that since the name of the mag was easily mixed up a more gay-hardcore related topic I might have just sent my messages to the wrong people...

Ali himself has been riding since 1985.
He was able to win lots of prestigious contests througout the 90ies, had guest appearences in music videos and did commercials in the last couple of years.
I love the Fanta spot!

My intention was to shoot as lightweight as possible, just Ali, me and the wideangle I paid for myself this time.

Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

Bluenight @ lovelite

Regular readers will know David and Sonne of the Sexinvaders from previous

The two asked me to take a few pictures of a party they organized and that headlined "Schluck Den Druck". Taking only a few pictures is one of these things I still haven't found out how to do...